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Fitness Warriors

Wartime Fitness Warriors is a gym that operates as nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission is to inspire youth to gain mental, physical and health benefits by creatively integrating boxing which promotes self-confidence while acting as a safe haven and outlet within the community.

Your membership and class fees support this mission.

Gloves Up Guns Down

About WFW

Wartime Fitness Warriors is dedicated to providing at risk youth in the Charlottesville and surrounding areas the opportunity to learn the discipline and art of boxing as a means to structure their future, physical wellness and simultaneously provide natural peer support to increase their mental health and wellbeing through the use natural peer supporters and certified physical trainers.


To increase the participants knowledge and self-awareness relative to physical, mental and emotional health while demonstrating a positive relationship with physical fitness which in turn will build self-confidence and promote positive changed behavior.


In addition, helping the children through a community fitness facility atmosphere focusing on fitness and a tutoring center we will build up confidence in the youth. The tutoring center helps the children in their educational arena and having the boxing and fitness center helps the youth with character building as well as confidence. Specifically, the desired outcomes are:


The Wartime Fitness Warriors goal is to improve the participants physical, mental and emotional health through fitness by having the participant complete a 10-step program.

Outcome #1:

Participant knowledge & self-awareness as it relates to physical, mental & emotional health.

Outcome #2:

Participant grades and performance in school and extracurricular activities increased.

Outcome #3:

Participants engagement in school and community volunteer activities increased.

10 Step Program:

Wartime Fitness Warriors is designed to build confidence, leadership and discipline through a unique 10 step program centered around a boxing technique.

The Wartime Warriors 10 step program will be as follows after registration and analysis Use accordians for these.

Community Stakeholders

Key Staff

Our Executive Director, George Rivera is a 3-time State Golden Glove Champion, 2-time Regional Golden Glove Champion, Semi-Finalist in the Regional Olympic trials and a professional fighter with over 24 professional bouts with an amateur record of 45-5. George knows the importance of mental and physical awareness because as an adolescent he was a labeled child who was misunderstood. Wartime Fitness Warriors overarching goal is to provide a safe-haven for children to reach their goals to be future leaders and bosses.

Executive Board

The volunteer Board for the organization is as follows:

Name Title
George Rivera President
Billy White Vice- President
Otis Lewis Vice- President
Deidre Creasy-Quirindoongo Board Director
Heather Almarode Treasurer
Amber Rivera Secretary
Ingrid Vaughan Appointee

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“My son Lane was having difficulties in school especially with listening and his behavior. My husband and I looked around for programs to get him involved in and stumbled across Wartime Fitness. Since enrolling Lane in the young guns boxing program we have seen significant improvement in his behavior at school and at home. “


Warrrtime Fitness

“Wartime fitness has had such a positive impact on my son’s life. I really can’t say enough great things about this gym. My son has suffered from anxiety, depression, ADHD most of his life and this gym has been a blessing for him. The coaches at this gym have helped him build confidence, self-discipline, and, motivation just to name a few. He is no longer on ADHD medication because he works his steam off in the gym and con focus more on a daily basis. He has always wanted to become a boxer. George Rivera and the rest of the Coaches have built him into the champion that he is today. This is hands down the best gym we’ve ever been to. I highly recommend wartime fitness for anyone young or older.”


Warrrtime Fitness

“The Wartime Family has truly changed my son’s life for the better in more ways than I can count. As a free-spirited child who struggles with attention, Uriah was often categorized as un-coachable by many who misunderstood his behavior. As a parent, it was difficult to watch coaches lose patience with him when he was giving his best effort. Everything changed when Uriah was introduced to George Rivera at age eight.”


Warrrtime Fitness